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Style 68

Okno drewniano-aluminiowe Elite92 Alu


Drzwi drewniane z kolekcji AluThem, model Decyuran

Collezione AluTherm


These doors are ideal for creating large glazed areas. They harmoniously blend your house into its surroundings, creating a symbiosis with nature. At the same time, they brighten and optically enlarge rooms. The landscape outside the window becomes an integral part of the interior design, and the garden and terrace are a natural extension of the living room. ThermoHS sliding doors also allow you to obtain solar energy to heat your home.

Puro Passive

Puro Passive windows are very warm. They not only meet the strict requirements for passive houses, but exceed them. Thanks to a combination of wood and aluminium, the frames offer extreme durability. The minimalist design of profiles with a geometric shape and flat surface harmonizes with the modern architectural form of passive buildings.


Euro windows are the essence of the Scandinavian style, which combines functionality with attractive form. They are distinguished by an interesting design, characteristic of the countries of Northern Europe. The sashes open outwards. Thanks to this, the advancing wind presses the sashes against the frame, thus increasing the tightness of the window.

Eco Line

The Scandinavian style is all about light and space. Eco Line doors enable you to create large glazing, which opens the interior to the surroundings and at the same time lets in a large and welcome dose of sunlight. With their straight lines, these wooden frames fit into a minimalist design and complement other decorative elements.

Eco Line

Style 68 Alu

Drzwi drewniane z kolekcji Filmowej, model Elizabeth

Collezione Film


These windows combine the charm of natural wood with proven technological solutions. Create a warm and sensual atmosphere in your interiors. The classic appearance gives your rooms a unique character, whilst excellent thermal insulation parameters guarantee optimal temperature. At the same time, wooden windows from this line provide superb ease of use.
Drzwi drewniane z kolekcji Klasycznej, model Czantoria

Collezione Classica


The quintessence of excellent style. Elite92 windows create an extraordinary atmosphere in every interior. The lasting beauty and velvety touch of wood offers a sophisticated aesthetic experience. Elite92 is an exceptionally warm wooden window, with excellent utility. All this will help to create a new quality in your life.

Thermo80 Alu

Beautiful wood on the inside and durable aluminium on the outside. It's an ideal duo that will give you unparalleled aesthetics and peace of mind for years to come. The aluminium exterior profile is not only a design element, but also protects the wood from the sun, rain and wind. Thanks to this, the windows do not require periodic renovation.


Drzwi drewniane z kolekcji Rycerska, model Dragon

Collezione Cavaliere

Elite92 Alu

A combination of sublime style and modernity: with it, your home will gain a unique aesthetic. This is an offer for people who value high quality and a high standard of living. The wooden frame is covered with an aluminium profile, giving the windows a new look which is an interesting architectural accent.
Drzwi drewniane z kolekcji Vintage, model Adelajda

Collezione Vintage

ThermoHS Alu

Ideal for projects with large-format glazing. These doors enable you to create impressive façades and add lightness to the structure of the building. The aluminium profile on the outside of the frame emphasizes the modern character of the building. Depending on the adopted concept, the profiles can be given both richer and more subtle colours.


These windows are distinguished by their minimalist design. They perfectly harmonize with modern architectural projects and interior design, in line with current trends. At the same time, they are very energy efficient and durable. The Puro line of wood and aluminium windows is an option for people who value innovative solutions.

Euro Alu

These windows combine proven structural solutions from Scandinavian countries with modern materials. Wooden frames are covered from the outside with aluminium overlays, which effectively protect against adverse weather conditions. This makes them extremely durable and at the same time functional.

Eco Line Alu

The pure form of the wooden door profiles impresses with its subtlety. A striking decorative element in any room, these profiles provide a beautiful setting for outdoor views. The aluminium overlay applied on the façade side not only adds a modern look, but also ensures long-lasting functionality of the door.
WOODEN DOORS Idylla collection, model Kaliope

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Wooden doors Kolora collection, model Flava

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